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WSSSC: update from Jan Yoshiwara below on pandemic relief bill and impacts on financial aid and grants to students.

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Subject: FW: Federal Relief Package


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Subject: Federal Relief Package

Presidents and chancellors

As you know President Trump recently signed the federal budget that includes appropriations for the next pandemic relief package.  We can discuss this on Wednesday morning's call, but the following is a summary of what we have gleaned from AACC and other sources.  Rules have not been published by the Department of Education yet, so this is based on AACC's reading of the enabling legislation.

Funding levels for higher education are increased from $12.5 billion in CARES to $20.7 billion in HEERF

  *   AACC succeeded in getting the distribution formula for the main institutional grants changed from FTES in CARES to half FTES and half headcount, which will shift funds towards community colleges with a lot of part time students.  We supported this change by advocating with our congressional delegation, especially Senator Patty Murray.
  *   AACC is working on a draft distribution.  They estimate that colleges will receive grants that are one and one-half times the size of CARES Act grants.
  *   Institutions must spend the same dollar amount on student aid as required in CARES, which means more money will be available to spend on institutional expenses.
  *   Dept of Education has 30 days to make the formula grants available to institutions.  Institutions that received CARES grants do not need to reapply, they are already in the Dept of Education grant system.

Broader institutional uses of funds

  *   Student aid may be awarded to DACA students and non-credit students
  *   Institutional uses include backfilling revenue losses and expenses already incurred.
  *   New flexibility applies to unspent CARES funds as well as the new grants.
  *   Institutions have until December 30, 2021 to spend the funds.

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