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NWAC Update....

From: Azurdia, Marco [MAzurdia at clark.edu]
Sent: Friday, January 8, 2021 1:40 PM
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Subject: Newsletter 1, 2021

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Hello Commissioners:

As you know I typically send the weekly newsletter out on Friday mornings and that was the intended plan for today.  Late yesterday I was contacted and asked to meet this afternoon with representatives from the SBCTC to discuss language for their website.  Attached you will find the newsletter and in light of Governor Inslee’s new plan, the newsletter has significant information you, your staff, and your administration to review.  Please note additional language on the new metrics is supposed to come out Monday via Governor Inslee’s office.

There is also additional pertinent NWAC information regarding compliance and NWAC matters in the newsletter.

I told somebody today I feel like we are in the “Pac Man” video.  There are people nipping at us, at times we are making progress, and often times we have to make hard turns to eventually get to the end:)

Have a great weekend.


Marco Azurdia
Executive Director
Northwest Athletic Conference
Office: 360.992.2510

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