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Subject: Military Call-up Statute
Importance: High

Given the National Guard call-up in Olympia, as a reminder to our campuses the following state statute, as indicated in our Policy Manual, Chapter 3.20.50(F):

(F) Provide options or protections for enrolled students who are ordered to state or federal active military service to allow course withdrawal with full refund, be given a grade of incomplete and be allowed to complete within the institution incomplete course policy, or continue to complete the course for full credit (see RCW 28B.10.270<https://app.leg.wa.gov/RCW/default.aspx?cite=28B.160.020>).
RCW 28B.10.270<http://app.leg.wa.gov/RCW/default.aspx?cite=28B.10.270>
Rights of Washington national guard and other military reserve students called to service.
(2)(a) A member of the Washington national guard or any other military reserve or guard component who is a student at an institution of higher education and who is ordered for a period of thirty days or less to either active or inactive state or federal service and as a result of that service or follow-up medical treatment for injury incurred during that service misses any class, test, examination, laboratory, or class day on which a written or oral assignment is due, or other event upon which a course grade or evaluation is based, is entitled to make up the class, test, examination, laboratory, presentation, or event without prejudice to the final course grade or evaluation. The makeup must be scheduled after the member's return from service and after a reasonable time for the student to prepare for the test, examination, laboratory, presentation, or event.
(b) Class sessions a student misses due to performance of state or federal active or inactive military service must be counted as excused absences and may not be used in any way to adversely impact the student's grade or standing in class.
(c) If the faculty member teaching the course determines that the student has completed sufficient work and has demonstrated sufficient progress toward meeting course requirements to justify the grade without making up the class, test, examination, presentation, or other event, the grade may be awarded without the makeup, but the missed class, test, examination, laboratory, class day, presentation, or other event must not be used in any way to adversely impact the student's grade or standing in the class.

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