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Matthew, thank you for the meeting materials.  Just one quick question.  Will there be a NWAC meeting on Wednesday?


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Good evening. We are looking forward to seeing you all next week, either in-person at Centralia College or in Max Headroom-style via Zoom (details on agenda). I am also excited to share that Debra Bragg, PhD will be joining us to discuss and engage around her research on Guided Pathways in Washington, how that can be translated to action, and her research on how to fully integrate equity-mindedness and equity frameworks into our Guided Pathways work. There is also some preparation we’re asking folks to do so that we can hit the ground running. Sorry for so many words and docs!

In preparation for the meeting, please find four documents attached:

  1.  Meeting Agenda
  2.  Outcomes for each meeting session
  3.  The “ice-breaker” PowerPoint from the Fall Meeting morning activity.
  4.  The consolidated/curated notes from the morning activity.

Agenda Document
You’ll note that the agenda has a five-part sequence which builds on the conversations that were held at the Fall Meeting. A large focus of this meeting is about assuring that we continue to have significant purpose and value to commission meetings, particularly as it pertains to aligning system/commission, institutional, and personal/professional work. Some of the elements may still shift, but the times and overall concepts are set.

Outcomes Document
The second document includes a couple of outcomes for each session. This is intended to help keep us on track and to be able to determine if we are making meaningful progress. If you’ve ever wondered, “Why are we doing this??” hopefully this will help demystify that a bit and show the connections between each of the sessions.

Meeting Notes & PowerPoint
You’ll also recall our morning activity at the Fall Meeting, which continued to advance our thinking about our purpose, work, and values. Attached are notes from that session that contain important information you provided to help shape and inform our conversations and decision-making for our Winter Meeting. Next week, we’ll revisit these and then look to how we actively integrate the concepts into our work. The notes below should help provide context and a summary for the attached WSSSC Meeting Notes document. There are also next steps to help everyone prepare for the meeting.

Guided Inquiry
The following questions were presented to the group for written responses and discussion:
   + Talk about a performance challenge or goal that WSSSC is currently facing.
   + What do we have to do less of to achieve more?
   + List and describe 1-2 key deliverables you feel you will help produce to address the challenges?
   + What resources and/or support do you need that you are not receiving now?

Summary Highlights
The attached document contains summary highlights of your responses to the following questions with some key takeaways:
   + EDI. A more intentional focus, environmental scanning, prioritization, and planning needed to address advancing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion,
   + Guided Pathways. Demonstrated need to expand planning, development, and assessment of Guided Pathways at the state level and using DEI/SEM/Student Development data, principles, and practices.
   + Meeting Effectiveness and Work Plan Alignment. Coordinate and prioritize agenda items that align with work plan goals and outcomes.
   + Team Building/Leadership Development. Identify, implement, and evaluate training and professional development opportunities (team and leadership building) for WSSSC and additional commission groups.
   + Onboarding. In collaboration with key stakeholder groups (i.e., State Board, HR Commission, various Commission), develop and build upon the onboarding process for new VPs and Deans.

Next Steps
Please review the attached summary notes and be prepared to address the following inquiries:
   + What are we missing that may not have been captured from this exercise?
   + Identify and describe 1-2 items that we need to prioritize as a group.

Thanks all!

PS: I’ve had a couple issues attaching the documents. If they do not attach, I will attempt to get them to the website quickly.
Apologies for duplicates.

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