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Keeping you in the loop regarding supplemental budget information and development...


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This information has been shared with State Board members, Chancellors, Presidents, President's assistants, and Business Officers.  Please feel free to share with your commissions and counsels.

With the action taken last night by the House to adopt its supplemental operating budget, we are positioned to provide comparisons.  Attached are tables that summarize the House and Senate supplemental operating  and capital budgets and compares them to our system request.

For the supplemental operating budget, below the table are notes on other budget impacts that may occur through policy changes.  The "Notes" tab includes additional House and Senate budget details.  Of key interest to our system:

*       The Senate budget:

o   Implements the change in the Running Start funding policy in SB 6362 - disconnecting the Running Start reimbursement rate from the basic education rate by setting the current rate in statute and adjusting it annually by inflation.

o   Provides $9 million to address the salary increase shortfall for the current biennium.

o   Provides $5 million for MESA and Guided Pathways.

o   Provides $1.025 million to provide an earlier increase for I-732 covered employees (full- and part-time faculty and technical college classified employees).

*       The House budget:

o   Does not change the Running Start Policy, continuing the current policy of connecting Running Start rates to the basic education rate.  (The House amended SB 6362 to not include this change in policy.)

o   Provides $2 million to implement HB 2669, which subjects part-time employees at community colleges to the civil service rules.

o   Provides $6.963 million for Guided Pathways.

Both budgets improve State Need Grant funding and have a variety of miscellaneous policy funding provisions.  The attached includes additional details.

The second attachment is the capital budget comparison.  The first page lists requests for new appropriations; the second page lists requests for new authorities.  When combined with the biennial budget passed last month, both supplemental capital budgets provide some funding for every project on the system's list of capital projects. The House fully funds the entire list, while the Senate provides all or most of the funding for the projects.

Letters to Legislative decisions makers involved in the conference process are in process and are planned to be sent today.  Please let me know if you have questions.  You can also call Cherie Berthon at 360-704-1023 with questions on the operating budgets or Wayne Doty at 360-704-4382 with questions on the capital budgets.

John Boesenberg
Deputy Executive Director, Business Operations
State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
360-704-4303; jboesenberg at sbctc.edu<mailto:jboesenberg at sbctc.edu>

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