[Wsssc] FW: Virus Update

Robert Cox robert.cox at centralia.edu
Thu Mar 12 14:49:59 PDT 2020

Please see the message below about NWAC events. They will be meeting Monday to discuss Spring seasons and other coronavirus related matters.

If you didn't hear the NWAC Basketball championships were cancelled.

Also, the NCAA March Madness is also cancelled so from now on we will refer to the NCAA tournament as March Sadness.......

Hope you are all hanging in there!

Robert Cox
Vice President of Student Services
Centralia College
600 Centralia College Blvd
Centralia, WA 98531

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Subject: Virus Update
Importance: High

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Good afternoon Commissioners:

Where do I start?  We are all aware of the health issue that is plaguing our country and more specifically the issues it has caused in Pacific Northwest.  After much work by a handful of people, the basketball tournament is scheduled and starts tomorrow.  We did have a school pull out about an hour ago and I would not be surprised if more do as the week progresses.

On Monday (3/16)  I am trying to set up three conference calls, one per region to discuss spring sports, eligibility issues, travel, championships, etc.  Conferences across the country are handling this in a variety of ways, and I believe it is imperative that the NWAC strategize our future direction with this issue.    I know this is short notice, but frankly everything seems to be on short notice:)  Following are the times for each region conference call.  Please let me know if you or a representative can attend.

10am-North region
11:30am-South region
1pm-East region
Since there is a west region meeting on Tuesday we can discuss the issue there.  That is unless WR meeting gets cancelled:)

One last item for you is to please talk with your administration to get their thoughts regarding spring sports competition in relation to the virus.  It is crucial that we are aware of what your administration is thinking.

Please get back to me if you can participate in the conference call and look forward to talking with you.


Marco Azurdia
Executive Director
Northwest Athletic Conference
Office: 360.992.2510
Cell: 509.669.6911

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