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WSSSC Colleagues: this email and attachments was just sent to your presidents and chancellors, FYI.

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Please note: This message is being sent to all Presidents and Chancellors in the system:

We hope everyone is feeling the energy and excitement as we head into fall quarter with faculty returning and student traffic increasing steadily on your campuses!
As you may recall, every Washington state community and technical colleges completed a first SOAA in January/ February, 2018. This fall, all community and technical colleges will need to complete the SOAA (see attached for the CCRC/SBCTC cover letter and Scale of Adoption Assessment (SOAA)) which has been enhanced with equity considerations and additional equity items as a requisite to receiving Guided P.  We hope this process provides a framework to continue to improve our collective work through institution specific and statewide learning regarding progress and challenges experienced as we scale guided pathways designed to close equity gaps and increase completions.. As a reminder, the SOAA is designed specifically to provide an opportunity for reflection and formative feedback related to your progress undertaking the pathways reforms, not a formal assessment.

Instructions for Completing the SOAA
We suggest that you convene the following individuals to discuss the extent to which each essential practice is currently implemented at your college (as of the fall term, 2019):

*         Chief academic officer

*         Chief student affairs/student services officer

*         Chief diversity or equity officer

*         Deans/ faculty from career & technical, basic education and transfer-oriented arts and sciences programs

*         Director of advising/ advisors, success coaches, and counselors

*         Director of admissions/ Registrar

*         Financial aid officer

*         Representative/s from information technology

*         Representative/s from Institutional research and/or assessment

As you complete the SOAA, please note these recent changes:

1.       Equity considerations: We have updated the SOAA to include "Equity Considerations" in each practice area so that your pathways team can discuss and articulate connections between the college's pathways reforms and equity goals. Your team does not need to answer all of these questions as part of the SOAA process and they are not intended to be used as "assessments." Rather, we hope the questions help initiate or advance conversations about whether and how institutional practices are having differential impact on historically underserved groups and how your college can leverage your pathways work to close equity gaps by identifying and addressing causes of inequity, removing systemic barriers, and focusing design decisions and resource allocation in ways that more effectively address needs of underserved groups. In doing so, you may include details about how the college is addressing these concerns in SOAA.
2.       Updates to SOAA Part II, SBCTC Focus on Student Equity: CCRC and SBCTC have updated the equity questions in part II of the SOAA. The first three questions were included in the 2018 SOAA; the 2019 SOAA includes a few clarifying questions.
3.       Noting the specific term for scaling/at scale ratings: To get a better sense of the timing of these practices, if your college is scaling in progress or at scale for a given essential practice, please indicate the term in which the college first reached this point in the "Progress to Date" column.

Next steps

Please submit the completed SOAA to Joe Holliday (jholliday at sbctc.edu<mailto:jholliday at sbctc.edu>) of SBCTC by November 1, 2019. Starting in October, your team will be asked to sign-up for a 75-minute follow-up interview with members of the CCRC research team and the SBCTC change facilitators. These calls will be held in November and December 2019. If you have questions about the SOAA, please contact Hana Lahr (lahr at tc.columbia.edu<mailto:lahr at tc.columbia.edu>) or Maggie Fay (mf2812 at tc.columbia.edu<mailto:mf2812 at tc.columbia.edu>) of CCRC.
REMINDER: Completion of the SOAA is required to receive state Guided Pathways funding.

Thank you for continued work implementing and scaling the guided pathways reforms!

We know this work can be exceptionally challenging and we look forward to learning more about your colleges' progress and the next frontiers you plan to pursue.
Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Anytime we do the work of love, we end the work of domination.
-Bell Hooks

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