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SBCTC staff have begun conducting enrollment monitoring reviews in accordance with State Board policy. Enrollment information is a fundamental element in budget allocations. Therefore, it is necessary that the information reported by community and technical colleges is accurate and consistent. Enrollment monitoring reviews assess campus compliance with State Board policies and identify errors in coding and reporting that occur for a variety of reasons including staff turnover, insufficient training, data input errors, or communication issues.
Our monitoring reviews to date have uncovered several areas of concern within the Basic Education for Adults (BEdA) programs we have visited. These include:
*         Classes coded with a Basic Skills CIP whose content and enrollment requirements do not appear to substantiate using a Basic Skills CIP and whose students are not being pre- or post-tested in accordance with federal, state, and local reporting and compliance requirements.
*         Classes coded as "state-funded" that do not meet one or more of the criteria required for a "state-funded" class.
*         Mismanagement of "Bucket" classes (classes serving as registration placeholders for students working on high school competencies and/or acquisition of a range of skills) resulting in duplicated FTES and inflated credit totals.
*         Technical High School students co-enrolled in Developmental Education classes resulting in high school students being reported as State FTES. Technical High School students are funded through a contract with OSPI and are not eligible for State Board funding.
*         Inconsistent intake, orientation, testing, assessment of prior learning (PLA), and registration processes for BEdA students as required by federal and state policy.
*         Inconsistent application of campus Add/Drop policies resulting in students who are registered and reported as FTES despite having never attended any classes (per class attendance records).
*         Possible widespread abuse of the $25 BEdA Tuition (Operating Fee) Waiver intended explicitly for students who demonstrate an inability to pay.

The prevalence of errors and inconsistencies in BEdA program coding and reporting is of particular concern due to the extra funding associated with BEdA FTES in the new funding allocation model. We ask that you share our findings with appropriate staff on your campus and recommend that you engage in an internal review of processes and procedures associated with BEdA programs. If you have specific questions feel free to contact Autumn Yoke  Ayoke at sbctc.edu.
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Deputy Executive Director of Education (Interim)
State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
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