[Wsssc] FW: Allocation and Enrollment Monitoring Reports: 2017-18 Fall Quarter Update

Jim Crabbe jcrabbe at sbctc.edu
Thu Jan 25 08:29:18 PST 2018

This information has been sent to the Presidents and will be distributed widely to the system.
Jim Crabbe

In fall 2017, colleges enrolled 161,393 full-time equivalent students (FTES) all fund sources, down 1 percent (-959 FTES) from fall 2016.

The system is projected to end the year with 130,304 state supported FTES for adults and 22,052 FTES for Running Start for a total of 152,356 state supported FTES. As more families use dual credit options to reduce the cost of going to college, there is a growing number of Running Start enrollments (up 9 percent, 1,901 FTES from fall 2016) and a declining number of state-supported enrollments for adults (down 1 percent, -1,452 FTES from fall 2016). This shift in the way the colleges are serving young adult students also shows in a growing number of students under age 20 and a declining number of students age 20 - 24.

Colleges enrolled 39,098 contract funded FTES, up 1 percent (550 FTES) from fall 2016. The small increase in contract funded FTES is primarily due to an increase in Running Start FTES (up 9 percent, 1,901 FTES), counteracted by a drop in the number of international contract enrollments (down 7 percent, -566 FTES).

Enrollments were up for:

*         Apprenticeship: 3,613 FTES, up 7 percent (231 FTES)

*         Applied Baccalaureate: 2,874 FTES from 27 colleges offering 78 programs, up 41 percent (842 FTES)

*         eLearning: 46,223 FTES, up 9 percent (3,984 FTES)

*         I-BEST: 2,858 FTES, up 11 percent (274 FTES)

*         Running Start: 22,708 FTES, up 9 percent (1,901 FTES)

Enrollments were down for:

*         Basic Education for Adults: 16,307 FTES, down 5 percent (-787 FTES)

*         Basic Food, Employment and Training (BFET): 4,833 FTES, down 11 percent (-584 FTES)

*         International students (All Funds): 11,803 FTES, down 6 percent (-691 FTES)

*         International Contract: 7,178 FTES, down 7 percent (-566 FTES)

*         Workfirst: 1,917 FTES, down 8 percent (-162 FTES)

*         Worker Retraining: 5,677 FTES, down 8 percent (-496 FTES)

For college level data, here is the link to the page with the allocation and enrollment monitoring reports: https://www.sbctc.edu/colleges-staff/research/annual-reports-archive/enrollment.aspx.

Please contact Devin DuPree, SBCTC research associate, ddupree at sbctc.edu<mailto:ddupree at sbctc.edu> if you have questions about these data.

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