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Subject: House's 2017-19 capital budget proposal for the community and technical colleges

This information is being sent to State Board members, Chancellors, Presidents, President’s assistants, and Business Officers.

Hello State Board members, Chancellors, Presidents and Business Officers,

The House released their 2017-19 capital budget proposal this afternoon. This proposal would provide the equivalent of $322,429,000 in new funding, or 95% of the $337,800,000 requested, for our system’s prioritized capital list.

The proposal fully funds all of the minor projects.

The proposal also fully funds the first the fourteen of the nineteen major projects from our request.

The major projects are at Edmonds, Wenatchee, Whatcom, Olympic, Pierce Fort Steilacoom, Big Bend, South Seattle, Spokane, Highline, Bates, Clover Park, Shoreline, Spokane Falls, and Clark colleges. Funding for the project at Clover Park is provided using a Certificate of Participation to be backed by a new appropriation from the Building Fee account.

The proposal includes authority to locally finance all six of the projects requested. These authorities are subject to State Finance Committee and legislative approvals. These projects are at Shoreline, South Seattle, Cascadia, Renton, Clark, and Lower Columbia colleges. The last two are re-authorizations of current authorities.

A side by side comparison of the requested and proposed new appropriations and authorities is attached.

Please let me know if you have questions.


Wayne Doty, PE
Capital Budget Director
State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
Office: 360-704-4382
Mobile: 360-827-1389

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