[CATO] Forbes - "Accommodating Disabilities in Remote and Hybrid Work"

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Thanks for sharing! I liked this article as well. Another section that resonated with me is this one: "remember that if you have only one team member working remotely full time, you are still a remote team. If this is the case, ensure that you've updated your rituals and cultural touchpoints to be remote-first, fully supported on virtual channels, enabling equal participation regardless where people work.

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I liked this paragraph, "The tools you use are only as good as your team's ability to utilize them to make their jobs easier. When it comes to creating equal access for team members with disabilities, it's important to audit your software stack for things like closed captioning, recording capability, text-to-speech translation and searchability. Once you've confirmed you have tools with the proper capabilities, train your team on how to use them and document the requirements in your flexibility policy and communication charter to help enforce proper usage."

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Good Morning Everyone!

I came across this article from Forbes on "Accommodating Disabilities in Remote and Hybrid Work<https://www.forbes.com/sites/laurelfarrer/2022/03/30/accommodating-disabilities-in-remote--hybrid-work/?mc_cid=afdc5c16d1&mc_eid=1d8f5ac7a3&sh=5796d71d2c17>" in my research on hybrid organizations and thought I would share it with you.

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