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Here's the one-pager: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xDs-krD6r2RisbzscazrmVqe1h44sHfGE0XYXIZp_gI/edit?usp=sharing

Feel free to share with your teams!

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I would love to see the one-pager, Karen.

We have our meeting next Friday and I think the folks on our A360 team and Accessibility Team (we combine the meetings since its mostly A360 folks who attend), would be interested in the info.


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Looks like I jumped the gun -- our team met yesterday, and I always give them a brief CATO update.  I shared the great work that you, Terrence, Ward and Mark have done with the presentations to WACTC Tech and the Commissions and briefly described the options.  I didn't mention any of the feedback from WSSSC or HR, nor did I really solicit any from my group, but I don’t see how it would hurt to ask (my team was excited to know that this work is reaching the upper echelons, since we desperately need leadership support on our campus). I think it also serves the purpose of connecting individual teams to the bigger picture statewide.  We don’t meet again until March 15, and the focus of that meeting will be on developing a communication strategy (Mark will be there too).  If you think it’s worthwhile and appropriate, I could send out the one-pager, which includes the PowerPoint, and ask for their input via email.

And Mark, were you able to join the AT discussion at IC?

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Quick idea- what do you all think about soliciting feedback from the Access360 schools on the models we’re presenting to commissions? That group might be engaged enough to actually give feedback if we ask the leads to share the one pager with their teams. You all are 1/3 of those groups, so feel free to tell me your teams wouldn’t care. :)


Jess Thompson

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