[Cato] Webinar on Improving Accessibility Testing for Beginners

Rovner, Amy arovner at shoreline.edu
Wed May 10 09:15:48 PDT 2017

Good AM,

This session was just posted by SSBart group and looks to be a good one.  We are pretty stumped on how to begin in-house testing so I am looking forward to this session to help us figure out our plan on our campus.

Here's the full info:

Learn How to Improve Your Accessibility Testing
[laptop and clipboard with the word webinar]
You've dabbled around with accessibility testing for your website and you've got the basics nailed. Alt text? check. Color contrast? check. But what about the harder stuff? How do you build out a robust testing methodology? How do you create a process that makes this whole thing easier and more effective?
Our digital accessibility rockstars, Owen "The Brit" Edwards and James "Sideburns" Thompson, are ready to tell all in our new webinar - How to Improve Your Accessibility Testing (For Beginners)<http://go.ssbbartgroup.com/c0003aOB0wiK04xFY07uX00>. They'll start with the basics and then give you a checklist-based approach to accessibility testing.
Spend an hour with Brit and Burns on Tuesday, May 23rd and you'll be well on your way to making your web accessibility program rock and roll.
Read more and register for the free webinar today!<http://go.ssbbartgroup.com/c0003aOB0wiK04xFY07uX00>


Amy Rovner, MPH RD
eLearning Instructional Designer
Associate Faculty Nutrition
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