[Wsssc] Random Audit to Verify Student Vaccination

Lezheo, Kao Kao.Lezheo at Seattlecolleges.edu
Fri Jan 7 16:08:13 PST 2022

Dear Colleagues,

At the Seattle Colleges, we are hoping to implement a system to randomly select students to verify their vaccination status. We are reaching to out to this group for help with this process. Here are a few questions for those of you that have such a system at your college:

  *   How much lead time did you give to students before conducting these audits?
  *   Were students given several opportunities to provide proof?
  *   Where did you keep these records?
  *   Who is responsible for conducting these audits on your campus?
  *   What were the consequences for students that did not provide proof? Were they given time to get vaccinated?

I would welcome the opportunity to chat with you, if that works better for you.

Thank you,

Kao LéZheo, M.Ed.
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