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Happy New Year and first week of the quarter!

See below for an update about the Student Success Center position and new director, Monica Wilson.


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Subject: [EXTERNAL]WSBCTC Student Success Center Director Update

Good Afternoon and Happy New Year!

It is with great excitement that I share with you the following news about the Student Success Center Director position!

Please join me in welcoming to Monica Wilson to her new role as the Student Success Center Director on the SBCTC Education Division team!

Monica has been working in the Basic Education for Adults (BEdA) department for the past four years, most recently as a policy associate. Prior to joining the agency, Monica worked in progressive leadership positions related to student services at Clark College.

Please join me in welcoming Monica as she begins to serve in this new role, starting February 1, 2022!

Thank you to those who served on the interview panels! And, a huge thank you for Dr. Laura Schueller for serving as the interim director!

[Compass]Carli Schiffner, Ph.D.
Deputy Executive Director of Education
Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
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