[Wsssc] FW: Winter 2021 Allocation and Enrollment Monitoring Reports Published

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WSSSC: see below and attached, winter term enrollment data. Interesting that Running Start finally reached a plateau and went down a bit.


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Subject: Winter 2021 Allocation and Enrollment Monitoring Reports Published

This message will be distributed broadly to the college system.

Dear State Board members, chancellors, and presidents,

Washington community and technical colleges enrolled 130,182 full-time equivalent students (FTES) in winter 2021, down 14 percent (-20,756 FTES) compared with the same quarter last year. State-funded enrollment (90,205 FTES) was down 15 percent (-16,172 FTES), while contract-funded enrollment (37,640 FTES) was down 10 percent (-4,190 FTES). Student-funded enrollment (2,338 FTES) was down 14 percent (-393 FTES).

Compared with winter quarter 2020, winter 2021 enrollments were up for:

  *   Applied Baccalaureate: 4,576 FTES, up 8 percent (338 FTES)
  *   eLearning: 111,103 FTES, up 102 percent (56,197 FTES)

Enrollments were down for:

  *   Apprenticeship: 3,339 FTES, down 21 percent (-887 FTES)
  *   Basic Education for Adults: 10,577 FTES, down 25 percent (-3,573 FTES)
  *   Basic Food, Employment and Training (BFET): 2,832, down 33 percent (-1,402 FTES)
  *   Corrections Programs: 1,501 FTES, down 46 percent (-1,259 FTES)
  *   I-BEST: 2,551 FTES, down 8 percent (-233 FTES)
  *   International: 5,111 FTES, down 37 percent (-3,036 FTES)
  *   International Contract: 4,002 FTES, down 26 percent (-1,441 FTES)
  *   Running Start: 24,482 FTES, down 0.2 percent (-46 FTES)
  *   WorkFirst: 848 FTES, down 37 percent (-505 FTES)
  *   Worker Retraining: 6,019 FTES, down 5 percent (-305 FTES)

For college-level data, please refer to the attachments or this page for the quarterly allocation and monitoring reports<https://www.sbctc.edu/colleges-staff/research/annual-reports-archive/enrollment.aspx>.

Please contact Travis Dulany, SBCTC Policy Research Associate (tdulany at sbctc.edu<mailto:tdulany at sbctc.edu>), with any questions about the data.


Carli Schiffner

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