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Confirmation that HERF emergency assistance can be extended to undocumented students, see below.


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Subject: Fwd: CARES Act Litigation Update

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Subject: CARES Act Litigation Update

Good Afternoon,

As you may already know, this morning the Department of Education posted on its website a Final Rule regarding student eligibility for HEERF funds, as well as a new set of FAQs. The Final Rule will soon be published in the Federal Register and is a significant change from the Interim Final Rule we were challenging in our lawsuit. Specifically, the rule provides that institutions may distribute HEERF funds to all students and that the eligibility restrictions in Title IV and PWRORA do not apply to these funds. Thus under the new rule IHEs may distribute HEERF funds to students who are not eligible for Title IV financial aid and to DREAMers. A link to the Final Rule is below. Please feel free to reach out to Jeff or me if you have any questions.


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