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As your representative on the ctcLink steering committee I am sharing the below update about the OAAP go-live.

While I am pleased the vendor worked quickly to resolve the highest level accessibility issues, I will be direct in my commentary that I am gravely disappointed in the process used to determine if we were ready to go live with the software. I do not believe it was in line with the SBCTC vision statement.

After the substantive letters and meetings where DSSC, ARC, FAC, WSSSC, IC, and others have expressed concerns about accessibility, I believe there should not have even been an opportunity for a vote until the critical accessibility issues were resolved. The OAA committee chaired by Joe Holiday over several years listed accessibility a top priority in a new system. This vendor assured us the requirement would be met. It was not met by the time a vote was requested and initially a vote was requested prior to even sharing an accessibility report.

While being the WSSSC representative does not permit me to vote at the steering committee, I want to honor Carli Schiffner as the sole voting member who, in my opinion, sided with equity and voted "no" to moving forward before items were fixed. Thank you Carli.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Subject: UPDATE: OAAP Decision from Steering Committee

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[Sent on behalf of Tim Wrye, ctcLink Steering Committee chair]

Good morning ctcLink Governance, PMs/OCMs, Executive Sponsors and OAAP stakeholders,

Per the email below, the ctcLink Steering Committee's conditions for the Online Admissions Application Portal (OAAP) go-live have been met! Please see the attached OAAP accessibility report for details.

The work to transition ctcLink colleges from the old OAA to the new OAAP begins today and DG2/DG3 colleges will be receiving an email shortly with instructions and additional guidance for the new OAAP.

Thank you,

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Subject: OAAP Decision from Steering Committee

[Sent on behalf of Tim Wrye, ctcLink Steering Committee chair]

Good morning ctcLink Governance, PMs/OCMs, Executive Sponsors and College/SBCTC OAAP stakeholders,

Last evening, the ctcLink Steering Committee held a special meeting to review status of the new Online Admissions Application Portal (OAAP),

After reviewing the latest accessibility findings and fixes, college user acceptance testing results, and the DG2 and DG3 colleges' Go-Live Readiness sign-off forms, the committee approved the OAAP go-live for DG2 and DG3 colleges on Feb. 2, 2021 with the condition that the level 10 severity accessibility issue is corrected and tested by 9 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 1, with a plan and dates for any remaining accessibility items to be addressed. Eight members approved the motion and one member opposed.

During the meeting, the committee reviewed the Go-Live Recommendation forms from all 10 colleges-Cascadia College, Clark College, Community Colleges of Spokane (two colleges), Lower Columbia College, Olympic College, Peninsula College, Pierce College District (two colleges), and Tacoma Community College. All colleges planning to implement OAAP signed off on going live on Feb. 2, with some conditions related to accessibility and other considerations.

Update: As of this morning, all level 7 and above accessibility issues on the student facing side have been resolved and tested.

On Monday morning, a small group of project and support staff will convene to ensure all conditions have been met prior to go-live on Feb. 2. If all the conditions are not met, the project and stakeholders will meet to determine a revised go-live schedule.

If all is a go, DG2 and DG3 colleges will receive OAAP go-live instructions and guidance, as well as information regarding post go-live support.


Tim Wrye

ITS Executive Director and CIO

ctcLink Project Executive Sponsor


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