[Wsssc] WSSSC officer opportunity

Gilmore English, Jessica jgilmoreenglish at RTC.edu
Thu Apr 8 08:58:03 PDT 2021

Hello WSSSC Members,

As we approach our spring meeting, it is time to prepare the officer slate for 2021-2022. Chio Flores will be the president and Sue Orchard will transition to past-president. We ask that the treasurer serve in the role for two years for consistency, thus Scott Latiolais will continue next year. Erin Blakeney is our current secretary and has graciously offered to continue in the role next year if we do not have others who are interested.

The president-elect and the secretary positons are the two we need to fill. There are additional at-large positions that are appointed by the incoming president; and we generally wait until we have the core team identified as those appointments may help achieve more equitable representation on the exec team.

If you are interested in pursuing one of these leadership roles, please kindly respond to this email<mailto:jgilmoreenglish at rtc.edu> and I can help fill you in on duties, expectations, fringe benefits, and the like. Details are also available in the WSSSC Constitution<https://www.sbctc.edu/resources/documents/colleges-staff/commissions-councils/wsssc/wsssc_constitution.docx> (link downloads as a Word document). Please indicate the position in which you are most interested, (secretary or president-elect), at large, or no preference.

Please note: your level of experience or seniority are absolutely not requirements for these roles. Indeed, "fresh" perspectives and diversity of thought are hallmarks of a strong team and a healthy organization; and we need broad participation to guide the commission effectively.

According to the Constitution, it is my role as the past-president to chair a nominating committee that will build the slate. If you are not interested in pursuing an executive committee role, but would like to be involved in pressuring your colleagues to do so, please let me know. This is probably the shortest committee assignment you can take in WA state but it will undoubtedly round out your CV!


Jessica Gilmore English
Vice President of Student Services

jgilmoreenglish at rtc.edu<mailto:jgilmoreenglish at rtc.edu> | rtc.edu<https://twitter.com/rentontech>
Pronouns: she, her, hers

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