[Wsssc] code language around cheating

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A few people had that problem. Below is the language:

1.      Academic Dishonesty.  Any act of academic dishonesty, including but not limited to cheating, plagiarism, and fabrication.

a)      Cheating includes any attempt to give or obtain unauthorized assistance relating to the completion of an academic assignment.

b)      Plagiarism includes taking and using as one’s own, without proper attribution, the ideas, writings, or work of another person in completing an academic assignment.  Prohibited conduct may also include the unauthorized submission for credit of academic work that has been submitted for credit in another course.

c)      Fabrication includes falsifying data, information, or citations in completing an academic assignment and also includes providing false or deceptive information to an instructor concerning the completion of an assignment.

d)      Academic consequences for academic dishonesty or abetting in academic dishonesty may be imposed at the discretion of a faculty member up to and including a failing grade for the course. Students should refer to each of their faculty's course syllabus.  Further academic consequences may follow consistent with the provisions in any program handbook. Incidents of academic dishonesty may also be referred to the Student Conduct Officer for disciplinary action consistent with this chapter in addition to the academic consequences identified above.

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I couldn't open the document. It seems to be encrypted.

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