[Wsssc] FW: COVID-19 March 26 Update.

Joe Holliday jholliday at sbctc.edu
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Colleagues: here is the daily update from SBCTC.

Joe Holliday
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Subject: FW: COVID-19 March 26 Update.

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Subject: FW: COVID-19 March 26 Update.

Please forward to the commission your areas support.  Thanks.

John Boesenberg, Deputy Executive Director
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Subject: COVID-19 March 26 Update.

The information listed below has come-up since yesterday's message was sent.  It will be shared with the WACTC Commissions.  Additional information/details may be accessed through our Google Drive at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PnHhItWpvNhUhhxrCq5LSzxjenmVS5nw

*       General Information:

  *   Governor Inslee issued Governor's Proclamation 20-28<https://www.governor.wa.gov/sites/default/files/proclamations/20-28%20-%20COVID-19%20Open%20Govt%20Laws%20Waivers%20%28tmp%29.pdf> (Open Public Meetings Act and Public Records Act) on March 24, 2020, designed to limit the spread of COVISW-19.  We received some additional clarification from Dave Stolier related to the OPMA:
?  Summary.  Effective March 24, 2020 until midnight, April 23, 2020, unless extended beyond that date. There is now a prohibition on gathering in person and having the public attend in person, so there is no longer any need to have a physical location with a speakerphone.  However, the expectation is that boards will make opportunities for the public to listen or watch through technology when remote meetings occur.  Whether that occurs through a call-in line, or a zoom meeting or otherwise, is up to the board.
?  Confine your meeting topics temporarily to only those matters that are: (1) necessary and routine, or (2) necessary to respond to the outbreak and current public health emergency.  Other matters will need to wait.
?  "Necessary and routine" is subject to some interpretation.  I read it to mean you should limit agenda items that cannot be deferred to a later meeting without causing real problems.  As now this order related to the OPM is only in place until April 23, so I would counsel really limiting agenda items for any meetings in the next month to those related to the college system's response and planning related to the emergency or other items that are time sensitive.
?  If you have questions regarding specific matters/actions being contemplated for a meeting, reach out to your assigned AAG.

  *   During a press conference, Governor's Inslee indicated that Washington state appears to be achieving some "very modest improvement" in its battle against the COVID-19, but the state has not "turned the corner" and its stay-at-home order may need to be maintained beyond two weeks. (See https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/health/gov-inslee-stay-at-home-order-may-need-to-be-extended-to-fight-spread-of-coronavirus-in-washington/)

*      Capital and Operating Budget

  *   Capital Construction. CORRECTION. Yesterday's update indicated that capital construction projects were considered to be essential activities and could continue under the Governor's order. That statement was overly broad, based upon a clarification issued yesterday (March 25. It's posted on the Google Drive in the "Government direction and guidance" folder at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1omemQh9fj76aXkhJTkMyiZfUgmGzahAT) by the Governor's office.  In that clarification, the Governor made the following exceptions to the Stay Home Stay Healthy order so that projects meeting these criteria could continue:
a) Construction related to essential activities as described in the order;
b) To further a public purpose related to a public entity or governmental function or facility, including but not limited to publicly financed low-income housing; or
c) To prevent spoliation and avoid damage or unsafe conditions, and address emergency repairs at both non-essential businesses and residential structures.

DES is trying to get clarification on the Governor's order to determine which of our projects are "essential" work. They are also trying to determine which colleges can support "essential" construction activities on their campus if contractors can and want to work. Please stay in communication with the college's DES project manager. The State Board has asked the State Treasurer if they anticipate any extension in the time to spend COP proceeds. They are looking into this and we will report back as soon as possible.

  *   Through e-mails sent to BAC and BAR members this afternoon, the State Board asked colleges to forward to the State Board any COVID-19 costs/revenue losses experienced through March 20.  We asked that this initial report be sent by March 30 and set up a weekly schedule for reporting thereafter.  A WebEx was scheduled for Friday, March 27 to respond to questions, discuss the reporting and enhance consistency.

*      Employment
o   Federal Legislation impact Unemployment Benefits. The bill that passed the Senate enhances the state UI system and creates a parallel system called Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. The latter is for those who are not eligible for benefits under the state UI systems.
?  Both programs run from January 27 to December 31, 2020 and provide up to 39 weeks of coverage at regular state UI rates.
?  Both programs also allow for an additional $600 per week in payments until July 31.
?  The bill would also waive normal one-week waiting periods required for UI eligibility.
?  In most cases, the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance would be implemented by the state via an agreement with DOL, but DOL could decide to administer the programs where it finds the state system inadequate.
*      Issues being worked:
o   State Board is partnering with other education sectors to get greater flexibility in allied health related graduation requirements from accrediting commissions. A draft letter was sent to chief academic officers and Presidents for review today.
o   Placement Tests.  State Board staff will work with IC and WSSC to identify and resolve issues related to accessing placement tests.
o   State Board is confirming dates included in the Stay Home Stay Healthy proclamation. The order is effective today March 25 at midnight.  The end date is less clear, as both April 6 and April 8 are mentioned in the proclamation.

*      Event Cancellations/Changes (Newly Added/Updated in RED)

     *   Dual Credit Summit, March 16-17 cancelled and being rescheduled for fall 2020 (Looking at October 5/6, 2020)
     *   ATL Retreat, March 26-27, cancelled.
     *   Dean Community of Practice, March session cancelled.
     *   Bridge to College meetings have been converted to virtual convenings.
     *   Guided Pathway Work Plan review, March 12-13, is converting to an online modality (details to follow).
     *   Annual Students of Color conference April 23-25 Yakima cancelled
     *   All Student Services conference April 29-May 1 Tacoma, Student Services Commission has been re-scheduled to May 3-6, 2021.
     *   Team Teacher training at Centralia College, March13, 2020, Cancelled
     *   COABE Conference has been Cancelled/Postponed (Originally scheduled for 4/5-4/8, postponed till summer)
     *   AACC has been cancelled.
     *   Council for Basic Skills April Meeting has been cancelled
     *   Intercollegiate Relations Committee (ICRC) is spring meeting cancelled (4/16-17)
     *   AEAC has been cancelled Spring qtr.
     *   Articulation and Transfer Council spring meeting (April 23-24) moved to Zoom.
     *   Spring ATL (May 6-8) has been cancelled.
     *   Faculty of Color Mentorship Program spring retreat (May 15) has been cancelled.
     *   Spring Math Conference (April 30 - May 2)  has been cancelled.
     *   College EBT Retailer Application Webinar scheduled for 4/8/2020 - postponed
     *   Workforce Education Council, April 30 - May 1 - cancelled.
     *   Early Childhood Teacher Preparation Council, April 30 - May 1 - cancelled.
     *   Workforce Connections Forum, scheduled for May 18-19th, has been rescheduled to August 25-26th.
     *   HRMC meeting scheduled for May has been cancelled.

John Boesenberg, Deputy Executive Director
Business Operations
360-704-4303; jboesenberg at sbctc.edu<mailto:jboesenberg at sbctc.edu>

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