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WSSSC: Carli Schiffner asked me to share this draft Running Start guidance in advance of our 7:30 AM call tomorrow. See below.

WSSSC President Jess Gilmore is finalizing an agenda for the call and will send it out with call-in information this afternoon.

For those of you unable to join the call tomorrow, I will take notes and distribute them after WSSSC Exec reviews them.

Talk soon.

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Subject: Running Start Recommendations, draft
Importance: High

Good afternoon, IC Colleagues!

In anticipation of tomorrow's 730am conference call, I would like to get your feedback and support for the following guidance about how to treat Running Start processes going into Spring Quarter.  As you know, there were concerns raised about how colleges were going to:

1.       Receive the enrollment verification forms from RS students in time for Spring Quarter, and

2.       How will billing periods for RS be handled if colleges did not have the enrollment verification form?

In response to the first question, the SBCTC draft proposal is as follows (this has been checked with OSPI):

  *   Colleges enroll current Running Start students without Running Start Enrollment Verification Forms (RSEVF) for spring quarter. This is already occurring at some colleges as regular protocol.
  *   If school district operations do not resume in April 2020 or at a later point during the 2019-20 school year, OSPI will use February 2020 enrollment and apply an adjustment rate. This would allow colleges to have up until the eighth day of May to ensure all RSEVFs have been processed and students have been coded correctly based on FTE allocation. WAC 392-169-105
  *   To help expedite the collection of RSEVFs while colleges and schools are operating at a limited capacity, it is recommended that each school district and/or individual high school establish a point of contact in which RSEVFs can be verified and signed off on.
     *   To keep in compliance with social distancing, EVFs can be signed and received electronically. There is no legal requirement that prohibits colleges from using digital signatures on enrollment verification forms. However, colleges are responsible for ensuring the validity and authenticity of any electronic signatures used. 19.34.310 RCW
  *   Ensure appropriate staff coverage is available to track RSEVFs and process them by the count date.
  *   Delay drop for non-payment procedures until all RSEVFs have been processed and Running Start students have been properly coded. This will avoid unintentional enrollment drops of Running Start students.

And, in response to the question about RS billing, the OSPI bulletin (3/13/20 edition) states that high schools will be using February 2020 as the count day not March 2020 numbers.  This buys everyone time and allows us to plan for April reporting.

Thank you to Jamie Traugott for her leadership in this work-day #2 as a policy associate! Way to jump in!

I look forward to our phone call in the morning! (The agenda is embedded in the meeting invite).


[Compass]Carli Schiffner, Ph.D.
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