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WSSSC Colleagues: see below and attached. These are the pilot program opportunities to support homeless students (Senate Bill 5800) and to provide emergency assistance to students (House Bill 1893). These are two separate application processes.

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Subject: New Funding Opportunities to Support Students

Good morning,
As a result of legislation passed this last session, there will be two new opportunities to support students experiencing housing and food insecurity. Although the requests for applications (RFA) will not be released by the SBCTC until September 17th, I wanted to make sure interested colleges had additional time to prepare their proposals. A copy of the program guidelines and budget workbooks for each opportunity are attached to this email (if any revisions occur they will be clearly communicated in the release email).
Supporting Students Experiencing Homeless (SSEH) Pilots
Second Substitute Senate Bill 5800 creates the opportunity for pilot programs at four community or technical colleges and two 4-year universities to provide assistance to students experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity. Colleges selected to participate in the pilots must provide information to students on existing community resources and may also establish plans to develop surplus property for affordable housing. Colleges not selected to participate in the pilot are invited to participate voluntarily and encouraged to submit data required of pilot program participants to further our understanding of student needs and guide recommendations. Selected colleges will participate in a learning community with the 4-year universities during the pilot and will work with the SBCTC to develop reports and recommendations for the legislature.
RFA Due Date: Oct. 17th
Student Emergency Assistance Grant (SEAG) Program
Second Substitute House Bill 1893 establishes the Emergency Assistance Grant program, which provides community and technical colleges funding to assist students experiencing unforeseen emergencies or situations affecting the student's ability to attend classes. SBCTC must begin accepting grant applications by Dec. 1, 2019 and must submit annual reports to the Legislature by Dec. 1, 2020.
RFA Due Date: Oct. 24th

Webinars for each of these opportunities will be held on September 25th. FAQ documents will also be released on Sept. 19th and regularly updated.
In the meantime, you can direct questions to Jessica Porter at jporter at sbctc.edu<mailto:jporter at sbctc.edu>. Applications will be submitted and budget workbooks will be uploaded as an attachment in OGMS, so please do not submit application materials by email.
We are very excited for these opportunities to enhance your efforts to support students and look forward to working with you during the application period.
Erin Frasier, Ed.D.
Policy Associate, Workforce Education
Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
1300 Quince Street SE | PO Box 42495 | Olympia, WA 98504-2495
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