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Colleagues: see information below regarding a World Suicide Prevention Day Conference at UW, targeted to behavioral health professionals.

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Subject: World Suicide Prevention Day Conference - Sept. 10, 2019 - UW Seattle

Dear Colleagues:

I ask you to share this information today with your colleagues, your institutions and others who will benefit:

Sept. 10 Conference – See Below
Please see below information for Forefront’s World Suicide Prevention Day Conference to be held Sept. 10 at the University of Washington. This conference is for behavioral health professionals in higher education and other settings. The event includes trainings on segments of suicide care – specifically, safety plan interventions, caring contacts, and an advanced three-hour LEARN suicide prevention training for school professionals.

Higher education behavioral health professionals are encouraged to attend; this event is designed to improve skills and build confidence in interacting with students who have suicidal ideation. This conference is appropriate for all behavioral health professionals working in any sector of postsecondary education.

Please direct your questions about this conference to ffront at uw.edu<mailto:ffront at uw.edu>.

Many thanks – and kind regards.


SB 6514 Higher Education Project Manager

[Image removed by sender. University of Washington]<http://discover.uw.edu/n0A001h0008x0OQ00102yM0>
[Image removed by sender. SeptConference.png]

Calling all Health & Behavioral Health Professionals,
School & Higher Education Counselors…

Join us on World Suicide Prevention Day as we present practical,
evidence-based strategies that will save lives.
This is a conference you do not want to miss!

[Image removed by sender. Register-Today-Button-copy-e1534971381777.png]<http://discover.uw.edu/G1Q0OL000i03A0yx0020080>

Cost: $50 (includes continental breakfast & lunch)
Featured Workshops

[Brown.png]Safety Planning Intervention Unpacked  (It’s More than Filling out a Form!)
with Gregory K. Brown, Ph.D. & Kelly L. Green, Ph.D.
Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

For years, safety plans have been filled out to assist people at risk for suicide, but not all safety plans are created equal! Developer of the Safety Planning Intervention<http://discover.uw.edu/ZQ80001jy0200000400xOAL> will be in town to teach us how to ensure safety plans have their maximum impact.

[Kerbrat.png]What if it's that Simple? Non-Demanding Caring Contacts for Suicide Prevention
with Amanda Kerbrat, MSW, LICSW
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington, School of Medicine

For decades, research has indicated that the Caring Contacts intervention may be an efficacious, scalable, and low-cost intervention for reducing suicidal behaviors. Learn about this simple approach for reducing suicide risk with a local suicide prevention champion. This training will also address practical considerations for implementation such as the target population, message content, delivery options, and contact modality (e.g., postal mail, email and text messages).

[Harry.png]Advanced LEARN® SAVES LIVES for School Mental Health Professionals
with Harry Brown, M.A., LMFT
Forefront Suicide Prevention in the Schools, Mercer Island Youth and Family Services

There is a lot more we can do to prevent youth suicides from happening. This three-hour suicide prevention training is designed with the school mental health professional in mind teaching practical skills in how to identify, intervene and provide on-going support to youth and young adults who are at-risk. This trainer has carried out hundreds of successful interventions with youth in schools during the course of his 25 year career.

Have questions about World Suicide Prevention Day Conference? Contact Forefront Suicide Prevention<http://discover.uw.edu/g60008x00001QO0yA002lL0>

Presented by Forefront Suicide Prevention<http://discover.uw.edu/P02080yAxQ00700L00mO100>, a Center of Excellence at the University of Washington, and Northwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center<http://discover.uw.edu/a0020x010A0000nO8Q8L00y>, this event is made possible with  funding from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration provided by the  WA State Department of Health.

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