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Matthew Campbell MCampbell at pierce.ctc.edu
Fri Apr 12 13:01:48 PDT 2019

Are you interested in a leadership role with a fantastic group of system-wide colleagues? Hoping to have a meaningful and lasting impression on the student success work of the commission? Excited about getting to know Joe Holliday at a whole new level? Now is the time to nominate yourself (there is zero shame in this) or one of your colleagues (also zero shame) for a WSSSC Executive Committee role that will collaboratively help shape the context in which we pursue the commission goals.

I am writing you today as your WSSSC past president, as I also occupy that role and, per the bylaws, it is my responsibility to assemble a slate of candidates for consideration for the executive committee of the commission.

The only position on the slate that we consider as de facto has been the president, which is generally expected to emerge from the president-elect position.

The other positions open for consideration are the president-elect, the treasurer, and the secretary. While we do have two at-large positions, per the by-laws they are appointed by the incoming president, which helps provide opportunity for balanced representation across the commission constituency. However, we openly and excitedly accept nominations (self and colleague) for commissioners to be considered for those roles as well.

In addition, it is useful to note that anyone who is a liaison to a WACTC standing committee who is not already in an elected or appointed role is also a member of the executive committee (though we have afforded them a reduced expectation than those elected/appointed).

Finally, as this is the planning year culminating in the Student Success Conference in the spring, we will also be identifying two co-chairs at this meeting. Please consider volunteering to engage your colleagues and to lead the design and presentation of this amazing experience for hundreds of our student success leaders throughout the state.

Start nominating!

Kind regards,

Matthew Campbell, Ed.D. (he/him/his)

Vice President, Learning & Student Success

Pierce College Puyallup




1601 39th Ave SE, Puyallup, WA 98374<x-apple-data-detectors://1/2>


www.pierce.ctc.edu<http://www.pierce.ctc.edu/> e: mcampbell at pierce.ctc.edu<mailto:bbenedetti at pierce.ctc.edu>


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