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Matthew Campbell MCampbell at pierce.ctc.edu
Tue Oct 23 13:53:58 PDT 2018

Good afternoon. First, thank you all for a great WSSSC meeting last week. I hope you are finding value in both our agenda and the activities that redefine our agenda in realtime. I greatly appreciate your willingness and ability to be nimble in order to more fully respond to existing and emerging needs of the commission/system.

With regard to the workplan and our ability to have a common, shared document for editing, I have uploaded our existing workplan to Google Sheets and, in theory, enabled editing for anyone who possesses the link. With that in mind, please do not distribute the link as editing the workplan is specifically a commission role and task. If you would like to share the workplan, please use the document at, or direct folks to, the WSSSC website (the link is below). We will, from time-to-time, update the workplan on the website as the Google Sheets document is adjusted.

WSSSC-editable workplan: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u6bnUKDmxw3gT9Jx6B21FZzwz38lnyq2YltSmGINFn0

Shareable workplan:

If you have any questions, concerns, or other suggestions, please let me know. I believe a request to set up a WSSSC Canvas shell has been submitted; more details soon!

Thanks again, all!

Matthew Campbell, Ed.D.
Vice President, Learning & Student Success
Pierce College Puyallup
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