[Wsssc] ECMC Contracts

Cosby, Glen Glen.Cosby at scc.spokane.edu
Fri May 25 10:33:23 PDT 2018

Two questions and an explanation for them: 1.) Do any of you have existing contracts with ECMC for financial literacy & default management services? 2.) Is that contract in excess of $10,000 annually?

The reason for my question is that we are all ready to push "Go!" on a contract with ECMC, but because said contract will be well in excess of $10,000 we are being told that we will need to go through a competitive bid process unless 1.) there is an existing contract in place that another school, the State or another public entity has competitively bid that we can piggy-back upon, or 2.) we can make the argument that a waiver condition exists (and I'm not sure we can).
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