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Colleagues: FYI, the supplemental budget. Running Start rates were preserved (i.e., not capped). New Guided Pathways and MESA funds did not go forward. Joe

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Subject: FW: 2018 Legislative Supplemental Operating Budget

Information on the Supplemental Operating Budget has been shared with State Board Members, Presidents and Chancellors, and college Business Officers.  Please feel free to share with your commissions and councils.

Yesterday the House and Senate passed the 2018 Supplemental Operating Budget.  There were no changes affecting our system from the conference version.

The attached spreadsheet compares the State Board’s Supplemental Operating Budget Request to the budget adopted by the Legislature and provides an additional level of detail.  If interested, you can click on the “+” in columns “J” and “V” to see the Governor’s proposal and the House and Senate’s proposals.  The “Notes” tab includes additional explanatory information similar to that included in the e-mail sent earlier today on the conference budget.

The Senate proposal (SB 6362) to freeze the current Running Start reimbursement rate was of great concern to our system.  Our collective voice convinced the Legislature of the harm this proposal would do to students and our colleges – so it didn’t pass and is not reflected in the budget or the attached summary.

Please feel free to connect with me if you have questions.

John Boesenberg
Deputy Executive Director, Business Operations
State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
360-704-4303; jboesenberg at sbctc.edu<mailto:jboesenberg at sbctc.edu>

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