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Subject: FW: Fall enrollment summary and allocation and enrollment monitoring reports

State Board members, chancellors, presidents.  This message will be distributed broadly to the college system.

The following is a summary of system enrollment trends based on final Summer and Fall quarter enrollments.  This summary continues the shift in the way we describe the college system's enrollments compared to our legislative target.

In Fall 2016, colleges enrolled 162,352 FTES in all fund sources, a 1 percent decline from Fall 2015.

*        System Budget Enrollments: The 2015-17 state operating budget set a combined CTC budget enrollment of 151,485 FTES. This includes 139,927 FTES for adults and 11,558 FTES for Running Start. Based on Fall data, our system is expected to end the year at 152,874 state and Running Start FTES, 1 percent (+1,389 FTES) above the combined appropriation level.

*        Fall Enrollments.  In Fall 2016, colleges enrolled 162,352 FTES in all fund sources, 1 percent less (-2,448 FTES) from Fall 2015.

o   State supported enrollments declined 3 percent (-4,170 FTES) from Fall 2015 and are project to end the year at 132,617 full-time equivalent students (FTES).

o   Running Start enrollments grew 10 percent, up 1,974 FTES from Fall 2015.
Enrollments were also up for:
o   Apprenticeship (up 15 percent)
o   Applied Baccalaureate (up 43 percent)
o   I-BEST (up 5 percent)
o   eLearning (up 6 percent)
o   Worker Retraining (up 1 percent)
Enrollments were down for:
o   Basic Education for Adults (down 4 percent)
o   International students (All Funds down 6 percent)
o   WorkFirst (down 14 percent)

For college level data, here is the link to the page with the allocation and enrollment monitoring reports: http://www.sbctc.edu/colleges-staff/research/annual-reports/enrollment.aspx.

Please contact Devin Dupree, SBCTC research associate, ddupree at sbctc.edu<mailto:ddupree at sbctc.edu> if you have questions about these data.

Jan Yoshiwara, deputy executive director, education division
John Boesenberg, deputy executive director, business operations division

Jan Yoshiwara
Deputy Executive Director for Education Services
Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
1300 Quince Street SE
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