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Joe Holliday jholliday at sbctc.edu
Mon Apr 17 08:42:23 PDT 2017

Colleagues: see below, FYI. This is a potential breakthrough in allowing our students who receive DSHS cash assistance to use their Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards to purchase meals on campus. Edward Esparza here has been working on this issue for two years, and as you know it has been a priority of WACTCSA as well. We appreciate Bellevue College's willingness to serve as a pilot college, and we will keep you informed as the pilot program develops. Thank you, Edward and Faisal, for your leadership on this.

Joe Holliday
Director of Student Services

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From: Edward Esparza
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Cc: 'Faisal Jaswal (faisal.jaswal at bellevuecollege.edu)'; Jan Yoshiwara
Subject: EBT Cards for CTC campuses

Joe, this morning I sat in a phone conference with Mark Hill, DSHS, Director EBT Retail and Security Program Manager and Bonnie Clark, DSHS, Lead Food Services Program Manager regarding the implementation of EBT card us on our community colleges campuses. Also in attendance was Jeff Novak, from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Also, in attendance was Faisal Jaswal, Student Programs Director, from Bellevue College. It should be noted that this initiative comes from a directive by David Stillman, Assistant Secretary for the Economic Services Administration.

In this meeting we discussed model of used at Wisconsin and discussed how we might be able to replicate this for our CTC's. It was agreed that Bellevue College under the guidance of DSHS, would serve as a pilot for community colleges. Both Faisal and myself will begin meeting to discuss how we can establish a template for other colleges to replicate within our system. Although there are many detail to work on, I am optimistic this will be something that we can develop.

At Marty's suggestion I will keep your office apprised on the development of this, and ask your office to keep our members from the Student Services Commission informed as well.



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