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Colleagues: FYI, see below and attached update on WAC changes affecting how FTE is defined for high school students.
Joe Holliday
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From: Joyce Hammer
Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2017 11:50 AM
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Cc: Joe Holliday
Subject: FW: Revision to WAC 392-169-057

Hello Colleagues! Please consider the attached changes to the WAC affecting how a FTE is defined for high school students.  Contact Becky McLean directly with questions at becky.mclean at k12.wa.us<mailto:becky.mclean at k12.wa.us>. They are obligated to notify our sector when WAC changes like this are being proposed.

One question asked was if the proposed changes will limit the number of college credits allowed per quarter and how does the change impact college credits?

Here is Becky's answer:

*         There is no impact to the RS FTE calculation. FTE for RS courses will remain 15 credits equal 1.0 FTE.

*         This does change the FTE for high schools only. It dilutes the FTE by 10%. For example, a one-hour high school class would change from being a 0.20 FTE to becoming a 0.18 FTE.

*         In some cases, this change could allow a student to qualify for one extra credit of RS, since the high school will be claiming less. But this isn't necessarily the case for all students and is dependent on the number of weekly minutes each class is at the high school.

Joyce D. Hammer, Ph.D.
Director of Transfer Education
Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
P.O. Box 42495
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Olympia, WA 98504-2495
jhammer at sbctc.edu<mailto:jhammer at sbctc.edu>

From: Becky McLean
Sent: Monday, April 10, 2017 8:13 AM
To: 'Gardner, Stephanie (WSAC)' <stephanieg at wsac.wa.gov<mailto:stephanieg at wsac.wa.gov>>; Kim Reykdal <Kim.Reykdal at k12.wa.us<mailto:Kim.Reykdal at k12.wa.us>>; RubenFlores <rflores at sbctc.edu<mailto:rflores at sbctc.edu>>; Joyce Hammer <jhammer at sbctc.edu<mailto:jhammer at sbctc.edu>>; Julie Garver <JGarver at cop.wsu.edu<mailto:JGarver at cop.wsu.edu>>
Cc: T.J. <Thomas.Kelly at k12.wa.us<mailto:Thomas.Kelly at k12.wa.us>>; Becky Dillon <Becky.Dillon at k12.wa.us<mailto:Becky.Dillon at k12.wa.us>>
Subject: Revision to WAC 392-169-057

Good morning, All -

The 2015-17 biennial budget (Section 502(1)(e)(ii) requires OSPI to align the agency rules defining a full-time equivalent student with the increase in the minimum instructional hours.  Accordingly, beginning with the 2018-19 school year, OSPI is proposing a rule change that would change the annual instruction hours for an annual average FTE (AAFTE) from 900 hours for grades 4-12 to 1,000 hours. The monthly FTE for high school classes will change from 25 weekly hours to 27 hours and 45 minutes. Note that this proposed change will not affect the FTE calculation for Running Start which will remain 15 college credits equals 1.0 FTE.

However, this change does require the WAC 392-169-057 be revised.  See the attached proposed WAC revision.

WAC 392-169-005 requires joint agreement of any revisions to WAC chapter 392-169 with both the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges, and Washington Student Achievement Council.  I've included the Council of Presidents too. Please review this change and let me know that you are in agreement with it. We will be filing the CR101 shortly but will need your responses before we can file the CR102 - in approximately one month from today.

Becky McLean
Supervisor, Enrollment Reporting/Categorical Funding
School Apportionment and Financial Services
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)
office:  360-725-6306
becky.mclean at k12.wa.us<mailto:becky.mclean at k12.wa.us>

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