[Lcta] [EXTERNAL] Strategies for in-person math tutoring during pandemic?

Yannone, Sandra yannons at evergreen.edu
Mon Oct 18 08:08:12 PDT 2021

At Evergreen, our Writing and QR Centers both are offering hybrid services, although we've seen a significant decrease in students opting for in-person tutoring.

Our staffs were able to opt in to in-person tutoring.

We are practicing social distancing in tutoring; we do not have plexiglass barriers at our tables.

Good to hear what's going on with other Centers.


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We are not required to offer in person tutoring yet, but we plan to offer in-person tutoring for winter.

We will be a "vaccinated campus" in winter quarter, with students attending classes or using services in person being required to attest to their vaccination status. We will continue to maintain 3 feet social distancing and mask-wearing for in-person tutoring, even if the governor's order expires (these will be my own stipulations as the director of the center).

I plan to work with IS to have computer screens connecting for screen-sharing, set up 3 feet apart, at which the tutor and student can sit separately and look at the course material together (eBook, Canvas class, etc.). We have rolling whiteboards that can be used for drawing instead of paper. There will be no plexiglass barriers.

I will also not require tutors to tutor in person if they are not comfortable doing so, and will continue to offer remote tutoring via Zoom as an option for both tutors and students.

Let me know if you have more questions--happy to share.


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Our campus has required vaccinations and masks indoors. We also use 3 ft. Distancing when possible and some of our spaces have been equipped with plexiglass.

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Hi, everyone,

My college administration wants us to begin provide in-person math tutoring services again. In my past experience, in-person math tutoring has always involved sitting beside the student.

Is anyone providing math tutoring in person right now? If so, I would appreciate hearing what strategies you’re using to do so safely and effectively.



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