[ctcLinkfinaidsupport] Issues found after PCD refresh

Deborah Englehardt denglehardt at sbctc.edu
Tue Mar 7 11:20:59 PST 2023

Hello Zoya!

I think there are two possible reasons for this happening. I'd like to eliminate one of the reasons by asking if your Run Control IDs that are unique (i.e. has your initials or your college in the naming) are also experiencing this? 🙂

There have been reported bugs on certain pages where if the Run Control ID is the same as another user, the Run Control ID can update with the other user's parameters. When Jodi was around, she had mentioned this to FirstLinks when it came to jobsets but we've seen it could happen outside of jobsets so that's why we have been telling users that Run Control IDs need to be unique.  😊

The one in your screenshot seems similar to another user's Run Control ID and there is a possibility that that other user has 2022.

If your unique Run Control IDs are having the parameters problems during PCD refresh, please let us know and we'll check with a different team to see if there is an issue with the refresh itself.

Thank you!

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Good morning !

I wanted to bring up your attention to an issue that I found after yesterday’s PCD refresh. My mass assign F02  SI run control’s Edit prompts were changed from 2023 aid year to 2022. You can see that PCD copied over 2023, but PRD reverted to 2022. I’m not sure what is causing it, but we  often found things like edit prompts or other things change after PCD refresh or system updates are installed.  Attaches is a copy of my PCD & PRD run controls that shows the changes.  I have 2 run controls for F02 Mass assign and both were changed; I did fix the other one before I decided to email you. The one attached I didn’t fix in PRD yet, so you can see what happened.

Thank you!

Zoya Zhuk

Associate Director of Financial Aid

Spokane Community College

1810 N Greene St Bld 15

Spokane WA 99217

Phone 509-533-8189

Email:  zoya.zhuk at scc.spokane.edu<mailto:zoya.zhuk at scc.spokane.edu>

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