[ctcLinkfinaidsupport] FA Weeklyish Bulletin 03-03-2023

Kelly Forsberg kforsberg at sbctc.edu
Fri Mar 3 13:24:02 PST 2023

Knowing is Half the Battle!
• Super Helpful Reminders and Tips!

  *   PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL WITH ENTERING YOUR FILE PATHS WHEN OUTBOUNDING/INBOUNDING COD FILES 😩 — When working in Inbound or Outbound pages, and anywhere a file path and file name is required for outbounding or inbounding, please copy the file path from the Upload/Download page and ensure it is for the intended the specific business process step. The file path is case-sensitive and needs to be exact for it to work. If there are hand-keyed typos or errors in the file path, the process stops for ALL 33 colleges in the CTC System. That means no college FA Office will be able to inbound or outbound until the college that keyed in the error works with state board to resolve the issue. ::no pressure!!::
Additionally, if the process fails (check your Process Monitor), STOP (Hammer Time!), then submit a ticket to State Board Help Desk so we can help you get the process working again.  Do not run it again until State Board resolves it.
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• Query Corner!

  *   Tips to help you get ahead of checklist completion on 2024 AY students:  You can run this query QCS_FA_SCC_ISIRVSBIODEMOCIT - Compare Citizen ISIRvsBioDemo to help you find checklists that you may be able to complete pre-emptively based on what the FAFSA and SSA is clearing the student for citizenship.  Run the query in Query Viewer (this early in the aid year), and you can sort and filter and find row difference between the citizenship in the ISIR vs. citizenship in the Add/Update a Person page in ctcLink.  If the FAFSA is clearing that student’s citizenship status through the SSA check, but the citizenship is different in Add/Update a Person, you can reach out to your records friends to ask them to update the citizenship based on what cleared SSA in the 2023-2024 ISIR.  Then, you can resolve the checklist, thereby reducing the number of times a student must come to your office to resolve something they may have already resolved in the prior AY.

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      • More Query Corner!
More query need-to-knows!

  *   Fields added to QCS_FA_REPEAT_CRSES query: To address item number 15 from the FAST Maintenance List for SAP-related issues<https://ctclinkreferencecenter.ctclink.us/m/PMO_Info/l/1625563-fa-satisfactory-academic-progress-sap-project-information-guide#repeat-query-for-variable-credits>, we have migrated updates to the QCS_FA_REPEAT_CRSES query to Production to display the following additional data sets. The addition of these fields should eliminate the need to do double work and compare this query against the QCS_SR_ENRL_MIN_VARIABLE to differentiate between repeat courses and variable credit courses.
        *   Variable Credit Indicator on Class (Units Taken, Min Units, Max Units)
        *   Repeat Grading Basis flag (e.g. RPEX, etc) - display if value exists, but do not filter to only those with this value.
  *   Short description changed for QCS_FA_EXPTD_GRAD_HAD_AID query: To address item number 16 from the FAST Maintenance List for SAP-related issues<https://ctclinkreferencecenter.ctclink.us/m/PMO_Info/l/1625563-fa-satisfactory-academic-progress-sap-project-information-guide#sap-query-for-graduating-students>, we have migrated to Production an update to the QCS_FA_EXPTD_GRAD_HAD_AID query. The short description was changed for this query to better define its purpose, and to help colleges differentiate it from the QCS_FA_EXPTD_GRAD_WITH_AID query.
        *   Previous Short Description: "Exptd Grd Stdnt by Term"
        *   New Short Description: "StuW/FA TrmActvtn + ExptdGrdDt"

What’s Coming Down the Pike?:

  *   FA Training Sessions
     *   The next FA Training is scheduled for Tuesday, 03/07/23, and will be on an ISIR Processing Refresher.  This training is geared to those needing a refresher on the Combined and Single File Process for ISIR Processing.  All trainings happening in 2023 have been sent out to the ctclinkfinaidsupport list serv, with a calendar invite that includes Webex log in info.
  *   FA Work Sessions
     *   The next FA Work session is scheduled for Thursday, 03/23/23.  The session topic is 3Cs for You and Me, with presenter, Debbie Englehardt!  Debbie will present the 3Cs info at an advanced level to help you better understand what’s going on under the hood with your 3Cs.  Don’t miss it!

In Case You Missed It:
• From NASFAA:
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Note, you must be a NASFAA member to take the above NASFAA poll.  Link to the Housing Question Poll<https://www.nasfaa.org/MyAccount/LogOn?returnURL=%2fPoll_The_Pros%3f&membersOnlyPage=Y>.

Training Team Updates:
• Reminder!   On Monday 04/17/2023, the Training Team will offer a cross-pillar training on the end-to-end process of how funds move from FA to SF to FIN-GL.  A calendar invite with Webex information is forthcoming in the coming weeks as content and objectives are developed.  Also, as we are developing content, please feel free to email kforsberg at sbctc.edu<mailto:kforsberg at sbctc.edu> your specific struggles in reconciliation that you would like to see covered in the session.

Environment Updates:
•   Reminders!

  *   The PRD Environment is having scheduled maintenance for OAAP (Admissions):
Date - Saturday, March 11, 2023, 7:00 am – 8:00 am
Issue - SBCTC will be performing maintenance on the admissions application (OAAP).
·         The Campus Solutions pillar will be unavailable during the maintenance period.
·         Admissions (OAAP) and HighPoint HCX mobile pages will be unavailable during the maintenance period.
·         Integration between CampusCE and ctcLink will be unavailable during the maintenance period.
·         The Portal, HCM, and Finance pillars will remain online during the maintenance period.
·         Canvas will not be impacted.

Just for Fun! 😊
• This Day in History. March 3rd, 1934 - The notorious gangster John Dillinger used a wooden pistol to break out of prison.  Dillinger broke free with another prisoner, Herbert Youngblood. The duo took off to Chicago in a Sheriff's car.


[Compass]Kelly Forsberg
ctcLink Functional Trainer | Financial Aid
Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
o: 360-704-1066

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