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I hope you are doing good.  I still use the old HP UX system a lot and the records department here at North Seattle College even uses the system more.  Especially involving official and unofficial transcripts.  There should be a way we can look at transcripts from HP even after June and far in the coming years.  Just a thought.  Please ask if you have any questions.

All the best,

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Subject: [ctcLinkCSSupport] Legacy Data Platform (LDP) Migration Project 2023


Date:               February 8, 2023
From:               Grant Rodeheaver
Subject:           Legacy Data Platform (LDP) Migration Project 2023 

Dear college community:
Now that Washington’s community and technical colleges have migrated to ctcLink, we are preparing for the eventual shutdown of the Legacy HP-UX (Hewlett Packard Unix) environment.  Legacy environments must be shut down before June 30, 2023, or the college system will incur substantial licensing and maintenance costs.  
What is the Scope of the LDP Migration Project?
Legacy data will be migrated to SQL Server and a read-only application developed to provide secure access to users to a limited subset of screens and reports needed to continue critical business.
Colleges will no longer use DataExpress as this product relies on the sunsetting HP-UX platform. The application under development includes replication of display-only access to screens and batch reports in:

·         Financial Management System (FMS)

·         Payroll/Personnel Management System (PPMS)

·         Student Management System (SMS)

What is Not in Scope?

·         The Legacy Transcript Project is not within the scope of the LDP application project.

·         Integration to Advisor Data Portal (ADP) is not within the scope of the LDP application project.

·         Degree Audit data is not targeted for migration.

·         FAM and Account Management already have a user interface and are not targeted for migration, as the data is already on the SQL server.

·         FMS Query is not within the scope of this project. FMS Query is an MS-Access front-end reporting tool for financial reports (e.g., Budget Status, Expense, Payroll, Revenue, Grants and Contracts) used as the front-end tool to access the information in a user-friendly format. Colleges can currently run ad hoc queries writing and extracts against their SQL data to populate an Access database.

·         Ad hoc reporting.

What to Expect

·         We will be reaching out shortly to form an ad hoc LDP Migration Project advisory group comprised of knowledgeable Legacy users systemwide for guidance and application testing. Expertise in the following areas is key:

o    Financial Management System (FMS)

o    Payroll/Personnel Management System (PPMS)

o    Student Management System (SMS)

o    DataExpress/Database Reporting

o    Organizational Data Stores (ODS) or other data extract tools

·         A survey to gather systemwide input about Legacy data access needs will be distributed when ready. Responses will help SBCTC build and refine technical requirements for the new Legacy Data Platform (application).

·         When the Legacy Data application is ready, designated Legacy data users at each college and SBCTC will receive secure logins and instructions on how to access the application.

Get Involved
If you are willing to be part of the LDP Migration Project advisory group, please contact Sanjiv Bhagat<mailto:sbhagat at sbctc.edu>, Project Manager, SBCTC IT Project Management Office. This ad hoc group will be called upon for various activities (e.g., review surveys, communications, and documentation drafts; requirements checking, application testing).
The LDP Migration Project is led by Ray Gartner, SBCTC Application Services Director. Ben Geertz, SBCTC Support Analyst and longtime HP/Legacy expert, is serving as lead developer on the project, with additional support from team members, Terry Davenport (PPMS), Eric Messelt (FMS), and Ryan Jackson (SMS).
Stay tuned and please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. 
Thank you,
Grant Rodeheaver
Deputy Executive Director / CIO, IT Division
Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
grodeheaver at sbctc.edu<mailto:grodeheaver at sbctc.edu> • o: 360-704-3939 • c: 360-280-4733
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