[ctcLinkfinaidsupport] LTHT Pell COA Bug Update!

Jedidiah Lara jlara at sbctc.edu
Mon Sep 12 11:46:23 PDT 2022

Good morning 😊!

For those who were aware and those who may not; there was an issue with the Less than Half-Time(LTHT) Pell COA value not updating correctly due to an Oracle bug back in late 2021. A workaround was provided in September 2021 on how to update the LTHT Pell COA amount, as well as a QRG for full steps of this process. In May 2022, Oracle clarified the fix provided in Image 22 required some additional steps for the LTHT Pell COA to update as needed.

Recently, some colleges reported that despite the “fix” LTHT Pell COA values were not updating appropriately.

After much testing, we’ve concluded the issue resides in the Create Student Budgets page COBOL. Our App Services team is looking into the issue regarding a solution.

We are working to ensure the QRG is updated with the appropriate steps and information. In the meantime, for a student not attending all quarters in the aid year:
1) For any FA term the student is not attending, override FA Load to 'N' for that term per usual
2) Go to the Create Student Budget and do your normal thing adding rows and selecting Create Budget then Move Budget
3) Do not move from this page, please click Create Budget then Move Budget, once again
4) Go to Maintain Term Budgets and confirm the Pell COA inflated
                *An update from the originally provided guidance no longer requires the Weeks of Instruction value be updated to 0 zero.

The process requires to run the Create and Build budget process twice. This subtle nuance explains why some colleges were seeing the issue persist and others were not.

Thank you!

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