[ctcLinkfinaidsupport] Handling Ticket Emergencies

Alan-Michael Alston aalston at sbctc.edu
Wed Jun 22 13:44:16 PDT 2022

Hi everyone,

A small request from your FA ERP team:  please, please, please do not email specific ERP staff if there’s a proverbial fire.  If the urgency requires an email, please send it to fasupport at sbctc.edu<mailto:fasupport at sbctc.edu>.  This ensures that it goes to the entire team and allows us to triage emergencies a lot more effectively.  It also prevents one tech from owning a big problem, potentially a problem they don’t have the bandwidth to solve because they need to be in other places too.

We all have our go-to techs for certain issues (yes WE do too) and it can be tempting to flag them down when emergencies come up.  The downside is that they really want to help you (like always), meaning their plate can get too full, too quickly.  After all, there are a lot more of you than there are of us!

Using fasupport at sbctc.edu<mailto:fasupport at sbctc.edu> will prevent some of our techs from being pulled into too many directions at once.  They’ll still be involved, but they (and you) will get a lot more support from the beginning.  And that is something we all want!

Thank you!

[Compass]Alan-Michael Alston
Functional Analyst, Campus Solutions (Financial Aid)
Information Technology
Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
aalston at sbctc.edu<mailto:aalston at sbctc.edu> • o: 360-704-4325
sbctc.edu<https://www.sbctc.edu/> • Twitter: @SBCTCWashington<https://twitter.com/SBCTCWashington> • Facebook: @WASBCTC<https://www.facebook.com/wasbctc/>

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