[ctcLinkfinaidsupport] FA Support Alert!!! PUM 21 BUG

Marjorie Facio mfacio at sbctc.edu
Fri Jun 18 11:46:02 PDT 2021

FA Support Alert!!!!!  PUM 21 Bug
Colleges who applied PUM 21 have identified a Bug.  This Bug will be in ctcLink on Monday.  PLEASE be prepared.   This Bug has to do with making ISIR Corrections on the ISIR Corrections 21/22 page.

Bug 32940902 : 'UNABLE TO SAVE CHANGES TO INAS_FED_EXT15_SEC PAGE ON 2021-22 ISIR CORRECTIONS' which is tied to 'Doc ID 2781240.1 Correct 2021-2022 ISIR Records FM Extension Page not Showing Data or Allowing Updates to Data After Applying Fix(es) in PUM 21'

  *   After clicking on the FM link on any of the first three tabs of the 2021-2022 ISIR Corrections component, existing data that was previously populated is not visible, and new updates cannot be completed, as clicking the OK button doesn't return the user back to the main page to allow the updates to be saved.
  *   This issue is only impacting the 2021-2022 Aid Year, and is not seen on the Correct ISIR Records components for prior aid years. Also, the issue does not occur when clicking the 'FM' link on the EFC\DB Matches\Corr tab of the component.
  *   The issue can be reproduced at will with the following steps:

  1.  Navigate to Financial Aid >> Federal Application Data >> Correct 2021-2022 ISIR records. Pick any existing record.
  2.  Click the 'FM' Link located in the ISIR DATA section on any of the first 3 tabs - Student Information, Parent Information, or Assumptions\School codes.
  3.  Update any field on the page.
  4.  Click the "OK" button and note that it stays on the page rather than return to the main ISIR page.

  *   Oracle has a fix targeted to be included in Campus Solutions PUM Image 9.2.23 (Image 23) and we will put that in as soon as it is delivered and we've tested it.

  *   Please ensure all of your staff that are correcting ISIR data on ISIR Corrections 21/22 page are informed of and are using the below workaround so their changes are saved.

Users will ONLY be able to update via the EFC\DB Matches\Corr tab. It will not allow them to save or view edits via any of the other tabs on that page.

Financial Aid>Federal Application Data>Correct 2021-22 ISIRs
Image: Correct 2021-2022 ISIR Records
EFC\DB Matches\Corr tab
[cid:image003.jpg at 01D7642F.E5EC5430]
9.2 Creating a Prorated EFC | 9.2 FA - ISIR Processing | ctcLink Reference Center<http://ctclinkreferencecenter.ctclink.us/m/92421/l/933744-9-2-creating-a-prorated-efc>

[Compass]Marjorie Facio
Functional Analyst, Campus Solutions (Financial Aid)
Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
1300 Quince Street SE
Olympia, WA 98504-2495
mfacio at sbctc.edu<mailto:mfacio at sbctc.edu> * o: 360-704-1836
sbctc.edu<https://www.sbctc.edu/> * Twitter: @SBCTCWashington<https://twitter.com/SBCTCWashington> * Facebook: @WASBCTC<https://www.facebook.com/wasbctc/>

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