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Elizabeth Griswold EGriswold at pencol.edu
Wed Aug 25 15:02:53 PDT 2021

Peninsula College processes AmeriCorps through Financial Aid as well.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Griswold | Program Specialist 2 | Financial Aid
P: 360-417-6359 | F: 360-417-6395 | EGriswold at pencol.edu

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Good afternoon.

At Olympic College we process AmeriCorps through the Financial Aid Office since they are able to easily disburse the excess funds to the student.

Thank you,

Katie Guarin
Student Financials
Olympic College

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Seattle Colleges would like to know how other colleges are processing AmeriCorps - through Financial Aid or via Third Party Contracts?   We have both tuition and stipends and are wondering the best way to process.

Thank you,

Terri Plischke
ctcLink Finance Pillar Lead, with a little Student Financials too Accounting & Finance Systems Specialist Accounts Payable Silent Partner Seattle Colleges
Terri.Plischke at seattlecolleges.edu<mailto:Terri.Plischke at seattlecolleges.edu>

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