[ctcLinkfinaidsupport] ctcLink Log In Issues and Fix

Kelly Forsberg kforsberg at sbctc.edu
Mon Aug 9 07:09:13 PDT 2021

>From the desk of Dani Bundy -

From: Dani Bundy
Sent: Friday, August 6, 2021 9:59 PM
Subject: UPDATE - ctcLink Login Issues and Fixes

Good evening,

Providing some additional updates that have been addressed to the open ctcLink login issues.
Spinning wheel at the login page
Issue:                  Users get hung up in the login process.
Cause:                 Random callback loops (automatic actions based on code), possibly related to session cookie naming conflicts between load balancers (the method of distributing incoming application traffic).
Status:                Actively investigating and working with Okta Support to determine the issue.
*       Logs are indicating " RESULT="DENY" REASON="INVALID_AUTHCOOKIE"
*       It appears users are moving between worker cluster nodes during a session, resulting in a session cookie being invalid. This results in a user going into a loop or being logged out of a session.

UPDATED Fix:  A temporary solution has been put into place to stop the spinning wheel at login. We are still investigating the root cause for a permanent fix.

*         If users are still experiencing the spinning wheel at the login, please let us know by providing a timestamp and the user ID that is having this issue.
User getting caught in mobile view
Issue:                  User cookies from the HCX Mobile app are being picked up in the Okta gateway portal. Staff can't get back to the gateway portal once this happens.
Cause:                 An HCX HighPoint mobile cookie has been identified as the root cause.
Status:                We are testing a fix which removes the urltest cookie when a user logs out.

UPDATED Fix: : A temporary solution has been put into place with a new HCX HighPoint mobile logout page (see image below). This has been created to remove the HCX cookie and allows the user to proceed back to the HCX mobile springboard or close their browser tab. If the user closes the browser tab, they will be able to login to the gateway portal without being redirected back to the mobile view.

 [cid:image001.png at 01D78CED.797AFCC0]

Figure 1 High Point mobile logout page. Showing "You have been logged out of your ctcLink account. You can close your browser. Or go back to mobile site."

Please reach out if you have additional questions.

Thank you,
[Compass]Dani Bundy
Director of ctcLink PeopleSoft Customer Support

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