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Kelly Forsberg kforsberg at sbctc.edu
Mon Oct 5 11:47:43 PDT 2020

Hello everyone,

Following the email from WSAC about sending in your payment requests, the Washington College Grant Interim Business Processing Guide has been updated and linked here<http://ctclinkreferencecenter.ctclink.us/m/92436/l/848386-wcg-interim-reporting-business-process-guide> at the Ref Ctr.

Please note when running Interim, the file path has changed to reflect the grant name change.  The file path is now /CSTRANSFER/WAxxx/WCG2021/

For those colleges new(er) to the ctcLink system, if you would like an overview of running Interim/reviewing the reports/tracking WASFA students, etc., please reply to this email, and I'll be happy to set something up a Web Ex for everyone tomorrow 10/6.

Thank you much,

Kelly Forsberg
ctcLink Functional Trainer | Financial Aid

From: Washington College Grant (WSAC) <wcg at wsac.wa.gov>
Sent: Thursday, October 1, 2020 2:49 PM
Subject: Submission of Payment Requests

Dear Financial Aid Administrators,

As you know, this is the historic first year of the Washington College Grant programs guaranteed funding.  Because of this, we are monitoring the awarding and payment data very closely and reporting to our partners as well as preparing for the legislative season that is upon us.  Although the session officially begins in January, the prep work starts now.  Please submit your summer and fall payment requests and data in CSAW by early next week to help us capture this critical information.

We greatly appreciate all that you do and we recognize your workloads are immense.  Thank you for all you do to continue serving the citizens of our state.

Best regards,

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Washington Student Achievement Council
Washington College Grant Team
888-535-0747 | Cell: 360-522-2645
wcg at wsac.wa.gov<mailto:wcg at wsac.wa.gov> | wsac.wa.gov/wcg<https://wsac.wa.gov/wcg>

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