[CATO] HCX App and VoiceOver clarification

Vicki Walton vwalton at sbctc.edu
Fri Jan 13 12:15:00 PST 2023

Hello dear CATO members,

I want to make a clarification to a comment I made at the CATO meeting on Tuesday, January 10, 2023. It has to do with when Zach had asked me if I tested HCX VoiceOver in the app and I said yes. However, that is not entirely true when it comes to the final report. Let me explain.

I did do a test in the HCX app with VoiceOver, but it is not part of my final report. The reason is due to the following:

On December 14th, Monica sent this email to Tami and Caitlin:
Vicki has the HCX downloaded on their iPhone and wants to do accessibility testing using the app on their mobile device using VoiceOver. Is it possible for Vicki to be inside the test environment and log into the test accounts you've assigned while on the mobile app?

Drake replied with the following:
The app only points to production and it is not possible to have it point to other environments.

So, even though I did test VoiceOver in the app, I'm not reporting on it because we are not able to point it to 22.4 while in test mode. Therefore, my notes for the accessibility test are accurate where I tested HCX on my mobile device with VoiceOver and Safari.

Presently, the accessibility testing I do on HCX before a new version is released into the live production environment has to be done inside a test environment using HCX via a web browser rather than inside the app on my mobile device.  However, once the update(s) take place, if/when I am able, I will go back and test the app with VoiceOver. Unfortunately, testing the app itself will always take place after the updates.

My intention was not to share false information. It's just that this testing happened in December, and I am far past it now so recalling everything perfectly is a little difficult.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share.

Have a splendid three-day weekend everyone.

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