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At our last meeting this previous Tuesday, Jeannie mentioned that her college may be pursuing web accessibility trainings via a third party. Below is a list of resources that I organized for Zach for a project he is working on and had promised share with this group.

One resource I am adding in is that the W3C offers a FREE online "Introduction to Web Accessibility Course." <https://www.edx.org/course/web-accessibility-introduction> This is a great foundational course appropriate for beginners and a wide range of audience members. If you choose to pay a small fee, participants will be awarded a certificate upon completion that you can add as a badge to your LinkedIn profile To date, over 33,000 people have enrolled for the course. I wish I could see the states on completion rates too!

I hope you find this information helpful.


  *   My contact for WebAIM is named Jonathan Whiting and his email is: jonathan.whiting at usu.edu<mailto:jonathan.whiting at usu.edu>

  *   WebAIM<https://webaim.org/> is a non-profit organization based at the Institute for Disability Research, Policy, and Practice<https://idrpp.usu.edu/> at Utah State University. WebAIM provides many free articles and resources on their site as well as paid services such as live and recorded training, customized consultation, and technical guidance.

  *   Read more about their upcoming Training Opportunities<https://webaim.org/services/training/>. Pricing is listed on their site. Don’t forget that you can ask them about customized training for Clark staff!

  *   WebAIM also offers Document Accessibility Training<https://webaim.org/training/docs/>, which is delivered through Canvas. This is a great value at $125.

  *   WebAIM also offers two great free tools: the WAVE evaluation tool <https://wave.webaim.org/> and the Color Contrast Checker<https://webaim.org/resources/contrastchecker/>.


  *   My contact for Deque is named Joe Willey and his email is: joe.willey at deque.com<mailto:joe.willey at deque.com>

  *   Deque<https://www.deque.com/?utm_term=deque&utm_campaign=Search%20-%20Branded&utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=ppc&hsa_src=g&hsa_ad=430042340357&hsa_tgt=aud-603657073384%3Akwd-297262585353&hsa_mt=e&hsa_ver=3&hsa_acc=7854167720&hsa_kw=deque&hsa_grp=98767378934&hsa_cam=1494072164&hsa_net=adwords&gclid=CjwKCAiAgvKQBhBbEiwAaPQw3FM77EzlpKalO-JrVd3qJqMNns646DrDOBvo2PTsfX5jdQPsQQwnnBoC_aUQAvD_BwE> is a company that provides training services, audits, and consultation. Read more about their Accessibility Services Overview.<https://www.deque.com/company/>

  *   Deque University<https://dequeuniversity.com/curriculum/online-classes/> is the company’s  platform for online self-paced training and in my opinion, is reasonably priced.

  *   Deque offers  live instructor-led training<https://dequeuniversity.com/curriculum/instructor-led/>, including a two day Bootcamp.

  *   Deque is hosting Axe-Con 2022,<https://www.deque.com/axe-con/about/> which is a FREE virtual accessibility conference happening in TWO WEEKS.

  *   Recorded webinar by Deque about How People with Disabilities use the Web.<https://accessibility.deque.com/on-demand-how-persons-with-disabilities-use-the-web?_ga=2.173957611.936457904.1646074446-1546393130.1640027796&_gac=1.128689918.1646074446.CjwKCAiAgvKQBhBbEiwAaPQw3FM77EzlpKalO-JrVd3qJqMNns646DrDOBvo2PTsfX5jdQPsQQwnnBoC_aUQAvD_BwE>

  *   The Axe-Tool<https://www.deque.com/axe/> is a free automated tool that is a plug-in for Chrome. (There are other tools available for a fee.)

  *   Attached: Web Accessibility 101 Checklist

Level Access

  *   My Contact for Level Access is named Douglas Bass and his email is: douglas.bass at levelaccess.com<mailto:douglas.bass at levelaccess.com>

  *   Level Access provides training, testing and auditing services, consultations, and other resources such as articles, white papers, and webinars.

  *   Read more about their Training Services<https://www.levelaccess.com/solutions/training/>. You have to contact LA for pricing.

  *   Access University<https://www.levelaccess.com/solutions/training/access-university/> is an online training platform similar to Deque University. You have to contact LA for pricing. (Personally, I found Deque University easier to use and navigate.)

  *   Level Access also provides Digital Accessibility Audits<https://www.levelaccess.com/solutions/services/audits/>.

SBCTC Accessibility Micro Courses

The State Board offers free accessibility micro courses on a range of topics via Canvas that were developed by my predecessor. These modules focus on Universal Design and Document Accessibility, not web accessibility or conformance testing methods. There are two ways to access these training materials.

  *   Option 1: Register for the self-paced Micro Courses<https://www.waol.org/lti/Register/RegisterStart?CourseId=TR11&Term=81&Section=1>. You are required to first complete two prerequisite courses and then participants can pick and choose which modules to complete. This option allows you to earn Digital Badges<https://www.sbctc.edu/colleges-staff/programs-services/educational-technology-open-education/digital-credentials.aspx> upon successful completion.

  *   Option 2: Use the Library of Accessibility Resources<https://sbctc.instructure.com/courses/1578604/>. This resource is also on Canvas and contains much of the same information as the Micro Courses. The difference is that you are not required to register, do not have to pass quizzes, and do not earn digital badges.


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