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I think it's a good point that some may not ever be able to develop expertise/capacity -- I think that's going to be especially true for the smaller colleges.

Committee for Accessible Technology... Optimization? 😏

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Sounds like mission accomplished ☺


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The presentation/QA at IC went full time plus a few minutes yesterday and the group was pretty active in the conversation; probably 30-40% of the group asked questions or raised issues. I'm not sure how directly useful their immediate feedback was to selecting between service model options.

I'm optimistic we'll get additional feedback mailed in; several said they would write something up and I know of some who either pre-watched or returned to Jess's  version of the presentation to make sure they understood the concepts and suggestions.

An idea that did emerge and was discussed was that a Center could begin as highly centralized around service delivery and remediation and then evolve toward a more distributed service state over time as institutions built capacity.  At the same time, however, I heard uncertainty about where that capacity would come from in their institutions now or in the future. The idea of a legislative ask for start up funds was floated but without optimism.

For obvious reasons IC was specifically interested in services that directly affect instruction -- training and professional development, more promotion of Ally, help with vetting and procurement of digital instructional materials.

Additionally, they were intending to use the presentation as the fulcrum for their Business Meeting discussion this morning. Given that, I think it's reasonable to anticipate a specific collective response, whether formal or informal. I'll ask Tod Treat for further information about that.

Several suggested that CATO needs a new name and acronym. 😊 Specifically, they resisted the idea of 'oversight'.


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