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I would strongly prefer option A. Its more controlled for/by us, and will allow for a more accelerated timeline, and getting things done that are severely needed by all of SBCTC. Option B will in my opinion will put us behind by a year or more; and also put us with the same problems we had before we cut the size down for CATO. Having to rehash everything at the beginning of meetings to get people up to speed because they don't come to past meetings.

I am available next Thursday but not Friday. I can easily get to Cascadia for WSSSC (Jess aren't you going to WSSSC for something); Pierce is way out of my area for HRMC. Maybe someone south can hit that one.

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Two thoughts on how to proceed engaging the commissions in light of WACTC's charge to us:

A.     Develop a presentation for the commissions where we: a) define the need, b) propose the basic solution, c) share a few models of how to implement the solution. We'd then use that feedback to refine our thinking and come up with a recommendation. Time permitting we'd run that recommendation by the commissions for additional feedback before presenting to WACTC.

B.     Develop a presentation for the commissions where we: a) define the need, b) ask each commission to appoint a committed individual to a CATO task force to work on developing the solution*.

Some background information on the commissions: PIC just met, WSSSC and HRMC are meeting next week, ITC has cancelled its Winter on-site meeting due to a conflict.

I'm not available for WSSSC or HRMC, but I can adapt the WACTC presentation so one of you can deliver it. However, we need to decide on A or B above (or a C). My schedule is such that I'd need to modify the presentation over the weekend. What are your thoughts on how to proceed?


*these people could potentially become members of CATO proper
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