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Looks good to me, Jess.

Thanks for pulling an agenda together.


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Hi all,

How's this for an agenda?

  *   Review proposal to presidents [Terence & Mark]

     *   Which are Terence & Mark presenting to WaCTC Tech or Edu Services?
     *   If there's something to review, can it be distributed to the group before tomorrow's meeting? Thanks!
     *   Where does it go from there?

  *   Update on ACT [Ward]
  *   RFP for consultation on how to share results, develop trusted tester certification [Jess]
  *   Next meeting

     *   Feb, day long, Olympia
     *   Interim SBCTC IT director and OCR auditor to join [Mark]

  *   Access360 Spring Convening

     *   SET DATES!
     *   Jess's Draft agenda<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C8nEYFTP6wDslssgy6YKrPZGyBBgQlBZVz3jA4XyoGI/edit?usp=sharing> (continue discussion/brainstorming over lunch)

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