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Ward Naf wnaf at whatcom.edu
Mon Feb 19 16:12:35 PST 2018

RPC gave a few comments:

*        Centralized preferred;  standardized training, instruction, and resources will help keep everyone on the same page. Decentralized approach will have everyone doing their own thing again and will not lead to clear information and training.

*        Centralized preferred; cost is an issue. Share now as we build up the system over the next few years, but with a centralized center as the outcome. Can't wait for the centralized for years, so work towards it.

*        How can RPC share what they are doing with each other, can we offer assistance?

*        RPC might be interested in a workshop on making charts accessible, how to show data in an accessible way. (daylong seminar held by CATO)

*        Faculty are an issue, they change qtr. by qtr.; need to figure out how to train this population?

*        Idea of 4 regional centers S, Central, North, East. Use existing buildings at college to reduce cost and decrease travel costs. Have centers centrally run by SBCTC, with strict training  procedures so everyone is on the same page. Offer onsite or at regional centers training workshops, offer online, offer website remediation services would be useful.

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