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Jess Thompson jess.thompson at sbctc.edu
Wed Oct 25 10:43:44 PDT 2017

Hi all,

Attached are the combined responses to the GOALS survey. I'll be going through this when I find time (eeek!) to try and uncover trends that can be discussed on Tues of the convening. I'd really appreciate to have one or two of you work with me on this piece and this portion of the presentation. I have two approaches I'd like to take:

*       Highlight areas where the groups are split and ask colleges doing well to give advice on how they met that indicator
*       Highlight areas where most (5+) need work/support - ask them to express what types of support SBCTC/CATO can provide in order to move them ahead.

I'll be working to pull together a written summary of the report so that I don't have to make 75 copies of this report (maybe I'll provide one per school, or just post it online). If anyone would like to help in that I'd appreciate it - having a second perspective would be really great. If someone can help, could we set up a time to chat on Friday?

Also, I'm pulling together packets for the convening. Anyone have any handouts/resources they think would be useful in those packets? (I have Whatcom's procurement policy resources, some accessibility cheatsheets, the SBCTC and WaTech policies, Janet's materials)


Jess Thompson
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