[Cato] Monday's CATO dinner

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I'm easy, but prefer meat and alcohol. Quieter makes sense, unless we split meet/eat to different locations. Just tell me where/when.

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I'm super easy except that I like the idea of a quieter location for our meeting portion since my hearing isn't so great.  We can always eat and have our "meeting" and then end up some where louder (with great beer) after that!  😊

Thanks Jess for pulling these together!



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Hey folks,

I’ve pulled together a few options for Monday’s CATO dinner. Chime in with your preferences.

This place is down on the water by the Museum of Glass – you just cross the bridge of glass to get there from the hotel (about a 10min walk): The Social<https://www.thesocialbarandgrill.com/menu/>

This spot is much closer to the hotel, but potentially noisy and likely to have Access360 participants show up give the location: Seven Seas Taproom<http://www.7seasbrewing.com/taproom/> (3uilt<https://www.yelp.com/biz/3uilt-tacoma>’s food is delicious, and they have a stall at the taproom). This is about half a block from the hotel.

There’s also a great spot further down the waterfront (you’d drive there), Katie Downs<http://www.katiedowns.com/>. They’ve got great pizzas and fish stuff. Or, nearby there’s The Spar<http://www.the-spar.com/> – sort of a locals tavern with your typical tavern menu. Both of these spots are going to be the most casual.

Lastly, a 5 walk from the hotel is the Pacific Grill<http://www.pacificgrilltacoma.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Bar.pdf>. They do happy our all night and have great food. The only trick would be securing a table for all of us, since happy hour is only served in the bar. But it’s a Monday night… so it might be possible. This is going to be the swankiest, but people like me show up, so it’s no Seattle-swanky.

Tacoma’s a bit tricky for restaurants – most of the gems are in the neighborhoods, not downtown. So, let me know if you prefer convenience or ambiance/tastiness.


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