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All of these places look good. I would prefer to avoid driving if possible, but since we'll be coming from Clover Park anyway, it's not a big deal.  Katie Downs and the Spar are old hangouts and fun, but may be a bit noisy . . . Pacific Grill is always great, but I'm also open to trying something new and haven't been to the Social or Seven Seas.

Uh, so, I guess you all can pick.  I won't complain.

Thanks, Jess!

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Hey folks,

I've pulled together a few options for Monday's CATO dinner. Chime in with your preferences.

This place is down on the water by the Museum of Glass - you just cross the bridge of glass to get there from the hotel (about a 10min walk): The Social<https://www.thesocialbarandgrill.com/menu/>

This spot is much closer to the hotel, but potentially noisy and likely to have Access360 participants show up give the location: Seven Seas Taproom<http://www.7seasbrewing.com/taproom/> (3uilt<https://www.yelp.com/biz/3uilt-tacoma>'s food is delicious, and they have a stall at the taproom). This is about half a block from the hotel.

There's also a great spot further down the waterfront (you'd drive there), Katie Downs<http://www.katiedowns.com/>. They've got great pizzas and fish stuff. Or, nearby there's The Spar<http://www.the-spar.com/> - sort of a locals tavern with your typical tavern menu. Both of these spots are going to be the most casual.

Lastly, a 5 walk from the hotel is the Pacific Grill<http://www.pacificgrilltacoma.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Bar.pdf>. They do happy our all night and have great food. The only trick would be securing a table for all of us, since happy hour is only served in the bar. But it's a Monday night... so it might be possible. This is going to be the swankiest, but people like me show up, so it's no Seattle-swanky.

Tacoma's a bit tricky for restaurants - most of the gems are in the neighborhoods, not downtown. So, let me know if you prefer convenience or ambiance/tastiness.


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